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Thus was the beginning ... since seventy one years, and with the Lebanese independence day on November 21, 1943, the grandfather Hussein Salameh incorporated a shop to sell hardware and sanitary ware in one of the most important Lebanese summer vacationing in the city of Aley, near the site occupied by Aley Palace currently.

The grandfather Hussein Salameh was one of who mastered the profession of plumbing, he had the opportunity to learn the principals of this profession and practiced it since his youth, and then he mastered it through working with specialists in the English army groups who entered Lebanon during World War II, which allows him to participate in the construction boom witnessed by the city of Aley after the independence where he accomplished ten residential projects carrying out their design and plans of health networks meticulously and with  proficiency were his reputation spread in the city and its suburbs as one of the most known in this field. 

Noting that his work gave him a huge experience in health ware, Manufacturer Companies and in the selection of goods, his business flourished year after year, the shop that he leased at that time became small and does not fit the quantities of goods which began working with.

Each year the quantity sold increased little by little and the import process continued and doubled year after year since that time.

In addition to launching import operations from abroad, one of the most prominent acts of the grandfather at that period is the establishment of a factory for producing heaters’ pipes within the same place. 

The factory was small and modest. It was mostly depending on manual effort and a kit of simple machines. However, this has never affected the production quality, rather demand has increased thanks to its high quality. Consequently, it reached all the surrounding villages. 

In 1959, due to the expansion works of the city internal streets, the authorities asked the grandfather to evacuate the shop and the factory. He was obliged to relocate to a new shop, so that this latter will be the start point of his long march on the way of seriousness, effort and success. 

The Grandfather moved the merchandise and the factory machines to the new shop, located in Aley Main Souk, locality of Ain El Tefeha, and added more advanced electrical tools and machines. The production size increased and its quality improved. The heaters’ import size from Damascus also increased and their sources varied. Thanks to the fame that surrounded the factory and its high quality merchandise, a large number of Beiruti merchants chose him. On the other hand, he procured for them communications with Damascus’s factories, opening for them the gates of plentiful earnings.

The grandfather continued working in the profession of plumbing and trading and managing the factory, backed up by a group of skilled workers who supported the factory and the shop with their experiences and efforts. 

The Grandfather started to bring his son Melhem to his new shop, to teach him the principles of the industry in the factory and the arts of trading. He also took him in his trips to Damascus while purchasing the heaters. The son also recognized the most important heaters’ production factories in Syria and acquired high experiences in the field of heaters, their modus operandi, types and maintenance.         

The son worked for the grandfather for about ten years. While the grandfather continued his work at that shop, the son opened another branch at Bakaa Street, currently known as Banks street, until he built a large shop and a factory to which he transported tools and machines and purchased new ones. This event took place in 1974 before the beginning of the Civil War in Lebanon. 

During the war, works at both branches were not suspended except for a while. Production at the factory and imports from Syria continued.  

Upon the end of the Civil War in 1990, both sons of Melhem, Ziad, born in 1974 and Hussein, born in 1977, started working with their father in order to recognize the work secrets and trade arts. 

In 1994, imports have reached a new milestone, when the imports size was doubled many times. Since Hussein Salameh Establishment has the exclusive privilege for sun heaters in Lebanon, the sons Ziad and Hussein proceeded wholesale and distribution of orders across the Lebanese territories.   

In 2000, Ziad Melhem SALAMEH became the manager of the second branch while Hussein Melhem SALAMEH managed the first branch. 

In 2006, the son Hussein Melhem SALAMEH created a new opportunity in the history of the establishment, which had acquired the Trade Mark “Salameh Establishments” from the Lebanese Ministry of Economy, as he traveled to China in order to start contemporary trip for importing hundreds of new items, aiming at simulating the technical development of our time. 

Both sons have developed the branches by adding hundreds of new and various items relevant to sanitary wares, construction materials and heating. They introduced automated machines into both branches and expanded the merchandise range in order to include new clients at the various Lebanese regions, relying to a history enriched with experience in the field of trade. 

In 2010, Hussein Melhem SALAMEH traveled to Germany to keep pace with the international commercial exhibitions in the domain of sanitary wares and to import new items of merchandise that take into account the most advanced technologies. The following year, in 2011, he traveled to Italy and imported more and more items. Furthermore, he traveled in 2013 to Turkey for importing a new collection of advanced heaters and their supplies. 

In 2013, the establishment owned the Trade Mark “Salameh Group”. As it is proceeding its activities until this very date with the sons Ziad and Hussein SALAMEH. However the shop turned to be a huge establishment looking forward for more development, expansion and growth. 

“Salameh Group”, the Journey of the Grandfather, the father and the sons, the seventy-one-year journey, the Journey of Lebanon’s age.

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